Programmes for Individuals in Budapest

According to Péter Eszterházy, one of the most famous contemporary writers, “The city is not always what guidebooks advertise”.

Uniquebudapest aims to show the faces of Budapest not advertised in guidebooks. During our city-discovery tours we enter hidden nooks, go off the beaten path, visit abandoned passages, villas in the shade and the masterly designed gardens surrounding them, apartment houses with a separate staircase for servants, hidden courtyards, odd statues. They might not be the most beautiful, but are definitely the most interesting. Places where the people of Budapest live their lives and you can witness the city’s everyday life. And of course, legends, stories, jokes, anecdotes about past, present and future- as we know them. 



-   We start our unique walking tours at request (over 15 persons, it is recommended to divide the group!)
-   We kindly ask you to register at least 24h prior to the tour! (In case of "Cycling in the city" and "Kayak tour on the Danube", registration is necessary 5 days in advance)
-   We organise our tours only at request. The given time is only valid after confirmation has been sent.
-   Our tours are conducted under all weather conditions.
-   During the tours there is a possibility to take a short break, have a sandwich, coffee or refreshment, not included in the price of the tour. 
-   Casual, comfortable clothing is recommended. 
There are NO TOURS on January 1st, March 15th,  August 20th, October 23rd, November 1st,  December 24-26th and 31st!


Villas, urban mansions

What connects a school in Budapest and the Manhattan project? Sometime around 1940, the Los Alamos Laboratory, known as „Project Y”, was conceived. The United States wanted to build an atomic explosive to counter the threat posed by the German nuclear development program...

City - Centre Treasures

Plenty of hidden treasures. Gateways for carriages, apartment houses with inner courtyards, tiny shops preserving their century-old beauty, squares and cafés evoking Parisian atmosphere, Art Nouveau palaces, passages being reanimated, cheerful statues. And a lot more, interesting and astounding sights...

Mystery in the Buda Castle

The Castle is a separate quarter in the middle of the city. Beside her many winding streets, there used to be more than 285 wells underground, 13 kings paid their visit from 15 different nations...

Unique Deluxe

Did you know that the flower pattern Jensen Button is wearing is actually a Hungarian folk motif? Did you know that Hungary had a flourishing perfume industry at the turn of the 19th and 20th century? Did you know that the first department store built in Budapest had an ice-skating rink on top?

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