Birthday is the most memorable day for every child so you can never forget the three most important things on that special day!



All you have to do is to choose the most exciting programme with your parents and you will have the coolest birthday of the year! Forget bouncy castle and set off on a real adventure!


Code -cracking,  tracing secret societies, tricky tasks, mysteries in secret places.

The top secret mission takes place in downtown Budapest. If you have managed to collect all essential information and find the Master’s hiding place, the inauguration ceremony can start!


Duration of the game:   cc. 3 hours

Age group:  7 – 18 age children, teenagers

Number of group:   5 – 30 persons


See you soon!

  UniqueBudapest team


Further  information and registration : Erika Szabó, mobile +36 30 277 55 70,