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Budapest is the queen of the Danube. She would not exist without the river. The Danube has defined and pampered the city for a thousand years. The meeting of the river and the city is nowhere as intensive and beautiful as in the Pest city centre. 


Memories of nearly all the milestones of Hungarian history are condensed here. The most popular king even today was crowned on the ice of the Danube- according to the legend, the most amazing bridges span the river, the Hungarian Parliament, Academy of Sciences and the mansions of the Danube embankment can all be found here.

The Central Market, “Budapest’s stomach” since 1897, is one of the city’s most charming and “popular” buildings. At that time Budapest had five big market halls, all built in the same style and all opened on the same day. This is the biggest, hence the name ‘Central’. In former times, barges came under the market hall via a 120-metre-long tunnel directly from the Danube, thus the products were unloaded directly off-boat. Look around! Here you will find the finest Hungarian red paprika, salami and sausages.
Register for this personal UniqueBudapest walking tour which leads you between the two most beautiful bridges of Hungary. We will show you several fascinating, tragic and interesting sites, as well as tell you moving and amusing stories. At the same time you can also enjoy the captivating view of Buda!
Meeting point:                    in front of 7-9 Szent István körút 1055 Budapest
                                             GPS: 47°30´44.63´´ ; 19°2´58.97´´
Duration of the tour:         cc. 3.5 hours
Registration:                    minimum 24 hours in advance 
Recommended starting time: 9:00; 10:00; 14:00; 15:00
We organise our tours only at request. The given time is only valid after the confirmation has been sent
Our unique, exclusive walking tours are conducted under all weather conditions. Casual, comfortable clothing is recommended.
During the tours there is a possibility to take a short break, have a sandwich, coffee or refreshment, not included in the price of the tour. 


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