Secrets of the Jewish Quarter

Once upon a time there was a Jewish Budapest inhabited by more than two hundred thousand in its heyday. Many of them lived in a geographically well-defined area still referred to as the Jewish quarter.

In a later, tragic period the ghetto was established here. The traces and mementos of the bygone eras, sometimes a bit rundown, can still be seen – restaurants, prayer rooms, ritual baths, kosher bakeries, synagogues of various sizes, cemeteries, butchers and confectionaries – all imprints of a former, prosperous age.  

During the tour you can also learn about the history of “Hungary’s Schindler”, Carl Lutz. Lutz worked as a deputy consul at Budapest’s Swiss Embassy from 1942 to 1945. Like the Swede Raoul Wallenberg, the papal legate Angelo Rotta and the Italian Giorgio Perlasca, Carl Lutz organised his life-saving mission from his office in the building of the American Legation in Budapest. He also played a prominent role in getting the so-called “Auschwitz Protocol” abroad. 
The Budapest Jewish Quarter – part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List – is alive again. During our tour full of stories, the history of central Europe’s largest Jewish community comes to life and besides the dramas we also introduce you to the beauty and locations of everyday life, even get a glimpse into the world of the “ruin-pubs”.
Meeting point:                   2 Dohány utca, 1074 Budapest, – in front of the synagogue
                                             GPS: 47°29´44.64´´ ; 19°3´34.18´´
Duration of the tour:          cc. 3.5 hours
Registration:                     minimum 24 hours in advance 
Note: Taking Sabbath into consideration this tour is not held on Saturdays. We do NOT go into the Dohány utca "Great" synagogue during this tour
Recommended starting time: 9:00; 10:00; 14:00; 15:00
We organise our tours only at request. The given time is only valid after the confirmation has been sent
Our tours are conducted under all weather conditions. Casual, comfortable clothing is recommended.
During the tours there is a possibility to take a short break, have a sandwich, coffee or refreshment, not included in the price of the tour. 


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