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What connects a school in Budapest and the Manhattan project? Sometime around 1940, the Los Alamos Laboratory, known as „Project Y”, was conceived. The United States wanted to build an atomic explosive to counter the threat posed by the German nuclear development program...

One day when the greatest physicists and mathematicians of the time were working on the super-secret Manhattan Project, Enrico Fermi, the leader of the project, left the room. One of the others suggested, “Let’s continue the discussion in Hungarian.” As all the other scientists were Hungarians. Moreover, they had all attended Budapest’s famous Lutheran Grammar School. A certain Mr Rácz was their legendary Maths teacher. 

This UniqueBudapest walking tour introduces you to Budapest’s most fascinating contemporary stories, legends and myths will take you back to the enchanted garden of the turn of the century. Following West-European patterns, the aristocracy and the upper middle class had wonderful Classicist, Eclectic and Art Nouveau mansions, villas and schools constructed. The spectacular buildings flanking the city centre’s main axis, Andrássy Avenue, reflect that era. Part of the stunning façades, carved entrances and breathtakingly beautiful interiors has revived in the past decades. 
Meeting point:                   96 Dózsa György út, 1069 Bp.– in front of the building
                                            GPS: 47° 30' 54.1"  19° 4' 34.8" 
Duration of the tour:         cc. 3.5 hours
Registration:                    minimum 24 hours in advance 
Note: Schools are closed on weekends therefore we cannot provide this programme element then
Recommended starting time: 9:00; 10:00; 14:00; 15:00
We organise our tours only at request. The given time is only valid after the confirmation has been sent
Our unique, personal walking tours are conducted under all weather conditions. Casual, comfortable clothing is recommended.
During the tours there is a possibility to take a short break, have a sandwich, coffee or refreshment, not included in the price of the tour. 

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