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Our indoor programmes are built up in case it is necessary due to the weather conditions, the location or the duration of the programme.
The goal of the games is to entertain the participants as well as developing cooperation and group decision-making, getting to know each other, enhancing creativity.
The games introduce interesting topics, their features, terminology, even technical tools.
To end the programme, we suggest you to invite a “surprise guest”, a famous person or celebrity who could make the topic even more authentic. You can hear funny, astonishing information, stories and anecdotes. 
We recommend you:
Budapest Code András Török (writer, historian, Budapest-researcher)
Quest for the Holy Grail Gábor Klaniczay (historian) 
Sailing Farkas Litkey, Géza Soponyai (sailor champions)
Mountain climbing Zsolt Erőss, Anita Ugyan (Hungarian mountain climbers who have been to the Himalayas)
Maffia András Réz (film aesthete)
Péter Doszpot (investigator)
József Keszthelyi (investigator, leader of the infamous „Whiskey-robber” case)
Race up to the Mount Everest

Team up for Glory!

Participants form teams of mountain climbers. After choosing the leader of the expedition, the teams “set off” to the Mount Everest which is a trying but noble mission.

Budapest Code Indoor

5 in 1: competition, excitement, teambuilding and virtual walking tour in Budapest!  

Have you read Dan Brown’s fantastic novel, the Da Vinci Code? Or have you seen the film maybe? Now you can experience the excitements for yourself. During the game, the participants are searching for riddles, information while wandering around the most stunning places of the country. Hardly noticing, you get to know interesting details, stories about the culture, history and everyday life of Hungary.

Godfather - the revenge of the family

La família beyond everything!

Participants form families of the famous-infamous American-Italian mafia (e.g. Gambino, Lucchese, Genovese, Capone, Visconti etc.) Each family chooses its own Godfather, that is, the head of the family. The other members are given different roles, which activates the atmosphere within the family.