Budapest Code Indoor

5 in 1: competition, excitement, teambuilding and virtual walking tour in Budapest!  

Have you read Dan Brown’s fantastic novel, the Da Vinci Code? Or have you seen the film maybe? Now you can experience the excitements for yourself. During the game, the participants are searching for riddles, information while wandering around the most stunning places of the country. Hardly noticing, you get to know interesting details, stories about the culture, history and everyday life of Hungary.

Why will you like it? The Budapest Code:
•    provides you with curiosities, stories, anecdotes about Budapest
•    means to work in a team, solving tasks
•    offers you to test your fantasy and creativity
•    helps you become a symbol researcher if you don’t want to lag behind
How does it work?
Participants are divided into teams of around 4-5 members. The teams receive an itinerary, each a different one. You have to solve the first riddle given in Caesar code to get into the next round, then find the first virtual station with the help of your map. After solving the task there, you gain points. Then you “go on” to the next station. The team collecting the most points is the winner. It is announced at the award-winning ceremony and the programme ends with a dinner.

Types of tasks:
“Then and now” photo shooting
Choosing the right answer from the list
Acting out historical events or making up stories
Solving a cryptex
Recognition of famous building from details

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