Godfather - the revenge of the family

La família beyond everything!

Participants form families of the famous-infamous American-Italian mafia (e.g. Gambino, Lucchese, Genovese, Capone, Visconti etc.) Each family chooses its own Godfather, that is, the head of the family. The other members are given different roles, which activates the atmosphere within the family.

The roles are the following:
Mamma: background leader, keeping the family together
The oldest son: the heir, aggressive, know-all, questioning the power of the Godfather
Consigliere: consultant, advisor
Soldati: “common soldiers”, other members of the family

Why will you like it? During the fight:
•    a real family atmosphere is created
•    you identify with your role within the family
•    revenge is sweet!

How does it work?
The family has to take revenge on another, rival family which has taken over the restaurant business of New York Soho during a fierce street war. The infuriated family driven by revenge takes the challenge. Force, tricks, IQ are also essential for the fight. The family members of the family are coordinated by the Godfather.

Types of tasks:        
Mafia game
Games requiring EQ and IQ
American-Italian quiz questions
Acting out funny mafia scenes and taking photos of them
Writing a family anthem with given words and performing it
Solving crosswords written with the help of Sicilian cipher
Solving picture and word riddles
Game of associations
True or false questions

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