Race up to the Mount Everest

Team up for Glory!

Participants form teams of mountain climbers. After choosing the leader of the expedition, the teams “set off” to the Mount Everest which is a trying but noble mission.

Why will you like it? During the conquest of the peak:
•    you can get to know the world of mountain climbing, its terminology and tricks
•    you have to cooperate with your friends to make it to the peak
•    a series of individual tasks await you

How does it work?
Each team set off from the Himalayas base-camp. The teams receive several different tasks showing the interesting and funny side of mountain climbing from the Master of Games. For the tasks solved correctly certain metres are granted which take you closer to the peak. At the end of the game the two teams closest to 8000 metres can fight with each other. At this level an envelope awaits them with the deciding “sudden death” questions. The winner of the game is who gains the most metres in the quiz questions.

Types of tasks:
Quiz questions
Mountain climbing games requiring dexterity
Acting out funny scenes connected to and taking photos of them
Creative use of climbing equipment in a scene
Writing an Everest anthem with given words and performing it
Solving crosswords written with the help of “Yeti cipher”
Solving picture and word riddles
Game of associations
True of false questions

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