Unique Hungary


- When building a new team or enhancing the cooperation within an already existing team at companies operating in Hungary
- When building a new team or enhancing the cooperation within an already existing team at international companies 
- During a conference as a complementary programme or fit in with the programme of the conference
- When organising an unconventional sightseeing programme at a given place for Hungarian or international companies
- When business partners arrive in Hungary – exclusive sightseeing and introduction to Hungarian culture
During the programmes the participants:
- solve unusual tasks in exciting circumstances
- are also given individual tasks which are essential for moving ahead so that no-one can pull out of the game
- go outdoors, this way get out of the daily routine physically as well
- have to cooperate within the team, and find the balance between cooperation and competition with the other teams
- gain common experiences 
After the programme the participants:
- will see Hungarian culture, sightseeing and the notion of teambuilding in a completely different light
Our programmes are always adjusted to the needs, demands of our clients
In Hungary, we organize our programmes in : Budapest, Szentendre, Pécs, Debrecen, Eger, Győr, Tata, Soporn, Hévíz, Keszthely, Sárvár, Balatonfüred
On request, we can also arrange programmes at other places within the country or abroad. 
Based on our experiences gained so far during the preparation of our interactive games, to meet the demands emerged, 5 programme types have been developed. They are adjusted to the specific location, but can also adapt to different themes/topics. 
Our programmes tailored to the requests of clients (can be expanded):
- Get connected
- Hungarian inventions
- Budapest architecture
- Underground and above the ground
- Earth, water, sky
- In search of money
- In the world of senses: tasting, smelling, touching, seeing and hearing
Number of participants:
Our programmes can be arranged for small and big groups alike, the number does not affect the quality of the programme. Groups are divided into teams of 10-12 members, each team has a different route and do not or rarely cross each others’ way. 
Minimum: 5 persons
Maximum: 700 persons
Language of the programme:
You can choose from the following languages:
- Hungarian
- English
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Italian
- Russian
We make suggestions knowing the demands and possibilities, and arrange the programme accordingly
- 1.5-3.5 hours
- 3.5-5 hours
- 5-8 hours
- 2 days
- 2 + half a day (follow-up)